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Our Activities

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

No disease has ever ended the life, the way AIDS/ Cancer docs HIV has become a bigger challenge before mankind. As because it is an infectious disease the danger mat it poses immense. The only way to escape AIDS is to be-a ware of all the ways in which AIDS can take place. A Camp was organized by the society at Block of Distt. To educate people about the causes of AIDS and the precautions that one should lake at (he lime of taking injections, blood, etc beside this the experts also described in detail the reasons for cancer and the precautions needed to be taken generally to remains safe from cancer. The Awareness Campaign against communicable disease meetings in the villagers.

Women & Child Development Programme

The society has organized various camps for the welfare of women & children in the various villages and towns of the district. The Chairman of the society in his speech speaks about the value of women & Children in the community. He also described various rules of the rights of women is a matter of great concern for all of us. Despite a number of efforts by the government and non-government agencies remarkable improvement for the development in the quality of life of the women. The society has taken a number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of rural women. One major area of concern is the deaths caused at the time of delivery.

Education Programme

Vistahunt Society established an Educational Institution up to the Middle section organized Adolescent girl’s education awareness camps. In this school, 12 to 18 yrs girls participated. Our resources person give information on various career-oriented education. This camp was organized in the rural areas and also organized in Two Mahila Panchayat.

International Women’s Day Programme

With the help of Govt. of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, we observed International Women’s Day on 30th March at Arunachal Pradesh High School. A large number of women from different villages participated in the program and F.P.O., Mr. Falix has given his precious speech on women’s distress.

SHG Group Formation Programme

Vistahunt Society provides training and all necessary support for promoting income generation activities among villagers. Through forming Self Help Groups Livestock training activities like Poultry, goatery, and fisheries are being done. Vistahunt Society gives training on self-help group corking procedure & technical knowledge about poultry & goat rearing. Awareness regarding small saving and approached the bank for finance are also created among the beneficiaries.

Workshop On Animal Welfare Programme

Two days workshop on animal welfare cum training program was conducted by Vistahunt Society at Community Hall Arunachal Pradesh. About 150 participants comprising of village volunteers, youths, students and farmers participated in the camp, Resource persons from the department of veterinary and Animal Husbandry, local leaders delivered lectures on various schemes for the welfare of the Animal and particularly animal distress circumstances and emphasized the needs for proper care and attention while undertaking the program.

Legal Awareness Programme

 Women Rights and Girl Child Awareness Programme: As part of its advocacy program, Vistahunt Society works to make people aware of the rights of Tribal Women and the Girl Child. These activities are being organized in Pasighat, East Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. The punchline is this campaign is that every woman has the right to live with dignity and every child has the right to education.

Women Empowerment Training Programme 

Vistahunt Society has its own training centers in Oyan. In July 2018, the women enrolled were given training on Tailor Training and dressmaking. For this purpose, resource persons were hired by the Society out of its own funds. The whole objective was to enable the womenfolk to take up these activities on a small scale as a source of livelihood for themselves and their families.

Health Awareness Programme

Family planning is one of the important components of the health program of Vistahunt Society. Every month family planning meetings are held in all the respective working areas. The eligible couples are provided information, orientations, training, and motivation to follow the small family norms. They are encouraged to adopt family planning methods. The consistent users of FP methods are supplied contraceptives at a very nominal cost. Money is only taken for creating awareness & seriousness about the services they are provided by the organization. People are also motivated for adopting the 


permanent methods of family planning such as tubectomy for females & vasectomy for males. Those who are interested to go for tubectomy or vasectomy are given proper guidance and necessary help and we refer them to the nearest government family planning centers.

Water & Sanitation Awareness Programme

Vistahunt Society has organized 7 days water & sanitation awareness program at Various Public School, Experts from different institutions, Chief Medical Officer. Government and Non-Governmental especially from Public Health Engineering, 

Road Safety Awareness Programme

Vistahunt Society organizes road safety awareness program for children, women, and others. People, in search of livelihood, migrate to the cities from the target areas where Vistahunt Society works. In villages, people are not so aware of the traffic rules and road safety norms. It found very important to make people aware of the road safety norms. Keeping this in mind the Road Safety Awareness Programme started in the rural and urban working areas. 35 camps and orientation sessions have been organized so far during the reporting year.

Plantation And Environmental Protection

Vistahunt Society has been working for creating awareness, particularly among youth & children about various issues of environmental concern like global warming, environment imbalance in our working areas. Awareness activities are being organized among School going & non-school going children both. Following  activities are generally being organized among youth & children: Prabhat Feri (Environmental Awareness March in the morning) Prabhat Feri is organized as an Environmental Awareness March, which is organized in the morning. Children holding play-cards in their hands showing messages on various environmental issues take part in Prabhat Feri. 

Sports & Games

Organized various games and sports activities in Oyan, East Sinag for the overall development of youth and the importance of games and sports in our life, including free yoga camp in school for students during the International day of yoga.

Cultural Development

Vistahunt Society works to promote the high value of humanity, brotherhood, peace, and harmony among people through cultural development activities. It works to create an environment of communal harmony and national integration in its working areas. In this context several activities like Seminar on traditional Art and culture, Preservation of Tangible and Intangible art and Culture, Independence Day Celebration, Republic Day Celebration, Cultural Shows in Evening, Performance of Folk Music and Dance, Stage and Street Plays. We conduct awareness talks among students on the relevance and significance of different festivals of all religions. It creates a harmonious

atmosphere among students as they start knowing the importance and significance of the religions, which he/she does.

Skill Development Training Programme

The societies have conducted various skill development training programs under the livelihood Income generation program for the employment and skill up-gradation of the youth the surrounding areas under the program, around 1000 numbers of poor B.P.L. beneficiaries have been providing training.

Consumer Welfare Programme

As a part of the consumers’ welfare program, the Association organized two days workshop cum awareness program on consumer’s law at the district level in East Siang. More than 70 youths including girls representing different clubs, schools, local women and students participated in the 2(two) days lawyers and volunteers delivered lectures on different consumer laws of the country. Seminar on Traditional Art & Culture.

Women & Child, Health Care

The societies have organized awareness campaigning on the health of mothers and children by providing medical check-up, treatment, and distribution of medicines free of cost to the rural children and expectant mothers during the reporting time at 4 places of Arunachal Pradesh and the Volunteers of the Surrounding areas extended cooperation during the program.

Computer Training

Our society has been conducting a computer training course with its own fund of the society and providing training on computer education and information technology to the 35 number of students by the trained and expert staff of the organization.

Seminar Of Traditional Art & Culture

The society organized one day’s workshop program on the Traditional Art and culture of Arunachal Pradesh on the 10th May, 2018 at Sagalee, where more than 200 participants representing from youth clubs Associations, Cultural troops participated in the program, Demonstration cum cultural show form and style of traditional Local song were presented by the expert artists, school children also took put in the program and presented.

Camps, Seminars Conducted

Vistahunt Society has launched Medical camps for primary health care in different parts of Arunachal Pradesh invited Doctors specialized in various faculties to attain the said camp. 300 People were examined for communicable diseases. To promote cleanliness under Swachh Bharat Mission various places we have conducted the program.